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ELECTROSCAPES - Almost unreal music for your real production

Style: cutting edge, rhythmic & ambient electronic music, various
Have some ultra-modern graphics and you need the cutting-edge music track to make it stand out from the crowd? You will find it on ElectroScapes - the disk that features the music of tomorrow's graphically supercompex or surprisingly minimalistic spots. Produced using only custom programmed sounds, samples tweaked by applying the newest technologies in sound design, we paid the greatest attention to details of arrangement and mixing. The result is 45 tracks of "visible" music that evokes unique places and moods, each featuring a distinct sonic and musical environment of an imaginative landscape.

TEKNO CHEMISTRY- The human electronic music for your production

Style: rhythmic, mainstream electronic music, various

Tekno Chemistry
Featuring 14 electronic music styles (16 different pieces of music) in 43 tracks, Tekno Chemistry will energize any project that need a modern musical edge. From etheral vocal trance to melodic chillout and from smooth funky grooves to aggressive trashy drums you will find a wide range of styles and sounds of modern electronic/dance music here. The tracks are named after elements of the periodic system, and just like the elements, they have their own, individual character that makes them ideal for accentuating the feel of your film, video, multimedia or radio program.