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Listen to the essence of what CD Underscore
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On the CDs, tracks are presented in full length and in convenient 60 and 30 second edits, making them easy to use both for typical spot lengths and longer programs.

We are confident that the quality of our music library exceeds that of most other production music libraries on the market. We want you to reach for our CDs first so we are offering the best of our composers' and engineers' work. Please hear it for yourself:

ElectroScapes   (CD Underscore 11)

Style: cutting edge rhythmic & ambient electronic
Includes: 18 music pieces, 54 tracks

Sonically unique electronic progressive music, with lots of fine musical details. While still melodic and rhythmic, it is less mainstream than "Tekno Chemistry".
Produced using only custom programmed sounds, samples tweaked by applying the newest technologies in sound design, we paid the greatest attention to details to make ElectroScapes ideal for spots and films with cutting-edge graphics or anything that needs to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for the intricate "digital music of tomorrow", this is your best bet.

Listen to samples here

  Tekno Chemistry
Tekno Chemistry   (CD Underscore 10)

Style: dance / trance / electro / eurodance / e-funk
: 16 music pieces, 43 tracks

Tekno Chemistry will energize any project that needs a modern musical edge. From etheral vocal trance to melodic chillout and from smooth funky grooves to aggressive trashy drums you will find a wide range of styles and sounds here. Ideal for accentuating the energetic, young, "larger than life" feel of your film, video, multimedia or radio program.

Listen to samples here

CD Underscore: The First Volume (CDUS 1-9)
Package includes:
World Orchestra
,   Orchestra 1,   Orchestra 2, Country,   Rock 'n' Roll,   Futuristic,   Rap and Techno,   All That Jazz,   Easy Listening

Styles: classical, world music, easy listening, jazz, disco, pop, rap, contemporary electronic, country, rock 'n' roll
Includes: 9 CDs, over 200 pieces of music, close to 370 tracks

The compositions on these 9 CDs create vivid mental imagery and engage the emotions. There's drama, fantasy, whimsy, mystery and majesty.
The messages are as elemental as a drumbeat and as elegant as an opera: music meant to be felt and seen, not just heard. It covers such a wide range of styles that it will suit almost any scene of your film or video project, radio or television program, telephone on hold music, web- and CD-ROM content - wherever memorable background music is needed.

Listen to samples here (Southern)
Listen to samples here (Pop / Jazz / Rock)
Listen to samples here (Orchestral)
Listen to samples here (World & Futuristic)